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The 12' Chemaunis

The 12' Chemaunis       click on images for large view

This beamy (31"), stable canoe is a favourite of casual canoeists, combining extremely light weight and paddling ease for both children and adults.
It is available as a single or two seat model and is ideal for ponds, marshes, small rivers and lakes. Great fun for the young and the young-of-heart.

The 12' ChemaunisThe 12' Chemaunis
The Camp-Mate

The 14' Camp-Mate   click on images for large view

If you are looking for a shorter canoe that will do the same job as a much larger model, this brawny little canoe is for you.
The 14' Campmate is full to the ends, wide and stable, easy to carry, store and paddle. It will comfortably carry 2 passengers and gear. The Campmate is an excellent canoe for light tripping, fishing and general use.

The 14' Campmate
The Camp Style

The 15' Camp Style   click on images for large view

This canoe was designed for camps to teach solo 'style' canoeing. It is very manoeverable, it has full ends, hard tumblehome and a 13" depth. For lasting durability the canvas is covered with epoxy resin and then hand-painted. It is a camp favourite with expert and novice alike.

Jack's Special

15' Jack's Special   click on images for large view

A fine entry line that quickly expands to good width at the water line combined with moderate rocker and lots of tumblehome make this canoe our most elegant design that can be paddled with ease solo or tandem. The 32" beam and 14" depth with higher bow and stern profile makes this another good tripping canoe combining speed with good carrying capacity.

Jack's SpecialJack's Special
Chestnut Bob's Special

15' Original Chestnut Bob's Special  click on images for large view

The everything canoe! Wide beam for stability and load carrying capacity, sharp entry line and shallow arch hull for speed and seaworthiness. Low bows for less wind resistance and lightweight for easy portaging makes this a favourite canoe for fishing, tripping, solos and family fun.

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Chestnut Bob's SpecialChestnut Bob's Special
The Omer Stringer Classic
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Omer Stringer Story
The Omer Stringer Classic

Omer Stringer Classic   click on images for large view

This canoe was designed by Omer Stringer to augment his own 15' wide beam soloing canoe. Omer Stringer was one of Canada's premier paddlers, an Algonquin Park Guide and master canoe builder. He designed this model for 1 or 2 lightweight expert paddlers in both single or 2 seat models. Its' narrow beam at both the beam and the waterline makes this a very fast, light tripping canoe.

The Omer Stringer ClassicThe Omer Stringer Classic
The Grey Owl

15' Grey Owl   click on images for large view

Generally regarded as one of the most beautiful designs, the Grey Owl is an excellent general purpose, extremely lightweight canoe for the young and young at heart.
It is a canoe of exceptional capacity due to its' broad beam carried full to the ends. It has unusual steadiness for fishing or tripping and turns heads wherever it is seen.

The Grey OwlThe Grey Owl
The Northwind

The 16' Northwind   click on images for large view

A narrow beam (32-1/2"), very fast canoe with good carrying capacity makes this model good for tripping. Shallow arch hull and moderate rocker allows this straight tracking hull to turn with relative ease. Its 13¼ depth and full bows make it exceptionally seaworthy in rough water, an excellent, stable, family canoe.

The Northwind CanoeThe Northwind Canoe
The Canadian Canoe

The 16' Canadian   click on images for large view

The Canadian is the epitome of the Canadian-style canoe, with its high recurve bow it is reminiscent of the venerable Peterborough model. Its' shallow arch hull and fine entry line make it a great tripping and cottage canoe. Available in standard 24" bow height or 26" high recurve bow models.

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The Canadian CanoeThe Canadian Canoe
The Wilderness Express

16' Wilderness Express   click on images for large view

The 16' Wilderness Express has become one of our most popular models. Its' generous beam and depth allows for carrying packs side by side, its lower sheerline is not affected by wind. Moderate rocker gives it manouverability and good tracking. No unnecessary bulk has been built into the design. Its rounded hull shape is very seaworthy and together with its beam is very predictable and safe. The 16' Wilderness Express is an all round exceptional performer.

The Wilderness ExpressThe Wilderness Express
The Original Chestnut Prospector

The 16,17 & 18' Original Chestnut Prospector   
 click on images for large view

Our own model's lines have been taken from Joe Ziemba's own original early model, vintage Chestnut Prospector. It is an ideal canoe for carrying heavy loads and extended canoe trips. This model is beautiful, functional and safe. The 16' Original Chestnut Prospector remains the quintessential wilderness tripping canoe for lake or river travel.

The Original Chestnut Prospector

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