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15' Original Peterborough Rowboat

This venerable craft was made for many years by the Peterborough Canoe Company and was used by cottagers, recreational rowers, and fishers and is now available in two sizes.

Lines for this model were taken by Joe Ziemba from an original still in his possession. Its' four seats and two position oarlocks allow for easy trim with varying loads. Straight tracking, easy rowing make it still the finest rowing skiff for recreational rowing and fishing.

Finished Original Peterborough Rowboat
15' model $4,495.00 CAD

At CARRYING PLACE CANOE WORKS, all of our kits use only superior quality products. The same care is taken as in the handcrafting of our superior quality boats or canoes. The materials are of the highest standard available. One kit will produce a rowboat.

Plans: $99.95 CAD

Link to PDF document of rowboat prow

All of our plans, include 4 views of the scale down version of the full size rowboat. These include: the half-breadth view, the profile, the body plan and the 3 dimensional view. For transferring onto your mold material, there are: the full size body plan with 1/4" removed and stem mold plan. Also included are deck, seat and floor board installations descriptions.

Rowboat Kit: $2480.00 CAD


  • 60 pieces red cedar 7/8" X 1" X 1/4" bead and cove edges
  • Butternut deck material for 4 bookmatched deck halves
  • 4 deck camber supports
  • 2 white ash deck seam coverings
  • 2 white ash deck coamings
  • 2 white ash inwales scuppered
  • 2 white ash outwales rounded and tapered
  • 1 white ash interior keelson
  • 1 white ash outside keel
  • 10 pieces 2 1/4" X 50" long X 1/4" white ash material for stems
  • 2 full length interior seat support stringers 1" X 3/4" white ash
  • 4 pine seats
  • floor boards for bottom of boat
  • 8 floor board brass clips
  • 2 sets of rowing oarlocks
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • West System epoxy or Maas Epoxies resin and hardener, pumps, squeegees
  • 24 #80 sanding discs
  • 50 1 1/4" silicon bronze screws
  • 1 pair stembands with screws.

>> Download Printable Schematic of the Original Peterborough Rowboat Plans <<


  1. All our kits are provided with sanding discs that fit the Porter Cable model 7336 - 6" heavy duty, variable speed, random orbital sander. We recommend using this sander for a high quality professional finish with much less effort and frustration. In all our kits, we provide the necessary sanding discs. The Porter Cable sander is available through us or your local dealer.
  2. All materials listed in our kits may be purchased on an individual basis. Ask for details.
  3. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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