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Cedar Canoe Plans and Kits

About Our PLANS

Schematic Plan of the Canoe

List Of Canoe Building Plans Available
Information on Canoe Building Kits

Construction plans for all our models of Cedar Strip Epoxy canoes.

List Of Canoe Building Plans Available

All of our plans are full size for transferring onto the mold materials. Each plan consists of a full size body plan with 1/4" removed for the station molds, a full size stem mold plan. All of our plans include 4 views of the scaled down version of the full-sized canoe. These include:

  • The Half-Breadth View
  • The Profile
  • The Body Plan
  • The 3-Dimensional View

Included with each plan: instructions and diagrams on building the strongback plus other informative documents.

Set of Building Plans:
$69.95 CAD*
*plus shipping and handling

Building of a Cedar Canvas Canoe

Building of a Cedar Strip Epoxy Canoe

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