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Materials Price List

Note: Prices listed are in Canadian funds and do not include shipping


Ribs Clear white cedar, custom cut, up to 66" long, plain 3/8" x l-1/2" $6.25 each
  Tapered 3/8" x 2-1/4" $8.75 each

Planking Clear white cedar, planed, up to 3" wide $1.93/foot
  3" -5" wide $2.51/foot

Outwales Clear white ash, 3/4" x 7/8", lengths to 18' $68.00/pair
  Custom cut $78.50/pair

Inwales Clear white ash $66.00/pair
Custom steam bending for canoes with high sheerlines $18.00/pair

Keels Clear white ash, 5/8" x 11/2" x length to fit canoe tapered ends & bevelled $46.00/keel
  Custom cut keels $60.00/keel

Decks Cherry, ash, or cedar $18.00/each
  1-1/8 "crowned" decks $22.00/each

Thwart Cherry, or ash, 7/8" x 2-1/4" x 36", shaped & sanded $24.50/each
  "lift handle" end thwarts (use as tie downs) $16.00/pair

Yoke "deep set" yoke with tilt - white ash, cherry or birch, sanded $69.95 - $72.95

Canoe Seat Ash seat belt webbing or nylon twine $62.00/pair
  Hand woven cane  $145.00/pair
  Prewoven, "splined in" cane $80.00 pair

Wood Stems Standard shapes, steam bent $95.00 up

Cedar Canoe DecksHand Caned Seats


Canoe Tacks Brass, oval & flat head, 11/16" long $42.00/lb.
Silicon Bronze  Ring Nails Used to attach ribs to inwales, 3/4"long $28.50/lb
Copper Tacks Copper, to attach canvas to stems, 1/2" long $19.50 per 1/2 lb.

Screws Silicon Bronze - #8x1", 1-1/ 4",1-1 /2"long $0.30each

Ring Bolts Painter Rings - brass $8.95 each

Carriage Bolts Brass, 3/16" diameter - 2" $3.00 each
  Brass, 3/16" diameter - 3" $3.75 each
  Brass, 3/16" diameter - 4" $4.50 each
  Plated Steel - 2", 3", 3-1/2" $1.50 each


Canvas 60" wide quality #10 cotton duck $22.50 yard
  60" quality #12 lightweight cotton duck $22.50/yard

Canvas Filler 4 litre pail of a traditional proven formula $119.00

Canoe Enamel Green, red, grey $29.50/ litre

Varnish Marine Grade Spar with U.V. filters $29.00/litre

Stem Bands Aluminum, 1/2" x 48"with screws $24.95/pair
  Brass, 3/8" x 48" with screws $62.00/pair








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